As Seen

As The Multi-Billion Dollar Wellness Industry Grows

Line Up Your Business

Build Your Wealth

You're resourceful

Gifted at leading others

In their healing journey

AND THEN... most you are driven by a passion to help others without necessarily having the same urgency (or energy!) to focus on growing an abundant business for yourself

A problem when you know your business ‘inside out’ is having an ‘outside in’ blindspot from the perspective of your clients.

Having lots of good ideas is great until it reaches the point of overwhelm and you struggle to get things done.

You know you want 1:1 support versus taking a course, but are struggling to connect with someone who gets both the spiritual nature of your work and the experience of running a business.

Integrate Healing and Strategy for Business Success

Imagine if you could see past your blind spots to make this happen in a day!

My name is Elaina, and I’m dedicated to helping you make your business days & beyond...the best yet.

“Elaina is one of the best & revealed things to me within my soul’s path that have never been revealed before. ”

“She delivered the information with such grace, compassion, clarity, and love.

I felt very held and seen the entire time we were in session.

Elaina has a true gift. She is not only BRILLIANT at reading your Akashic Record, she is BRILLIANT at seeing you in your highest potential. It was not only obvious that she is a natural healer,

but that she has also spent years learning and studying her craft.

I am still processing and integrating everything I learned about myself from Elaina. One of the biggest gifts she gifts you is the healing she provides by clearing blocks, upsets, and challenges from your soul’s path.

I highly recommend Elaina! As a healer myself, and also a person who has been supported by many over the years, she is by far one of the most talented and compassionate healers I have had the honour to work with.”

Beth Osmer- Spiritual empowerment coach

Transform your ideas into business success.

Heal and build a business that works for you. Start now.

The Spirited Soulopreneur

Spirited Soulopreneur

1:1 Business Retreat

What's Included in the Retreat?


step one:

Clarity & Clearing

Akashic Soulopreneur© Reading clarity on how your Soul qualities can be reflected in your business and wealth building. Know how you can stand out in the wellness sector as a healer, intuitive coach or Yoga teacher. Hone in on clients who truly need your work!



step two:

Ground & Solve

Soulopreneur© Business Brainstorm working on your chosen business priority often this is course creation or lead generation. During this process your Akashic record is open bringing the added benefit of drawing on your extensive Soul expertise.



step three:

Balance & Connect

Akashic Wealth Stream© Your private 1:1 session You'll experience a healing space where you will be able to balance your chakras, connect with wealth guides, receive guidance from your higher self and access your own Akashic Record.


wondering if this

retreat is for you?

I currently offer my Spirited Soulopreneur 1:1 Business Retreat to



Yoga Teachers

lead generation refresh your Lead gen with a plan & outline so you can move forward

Your 1:1 client We'll decide on your program options, pricing & duration so you feel confident in booking clients you love working with!

course creation pick the perfect topic & we'll outline your course during your retreat

“Honestly one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had.”

"Her skills are truly magical and in one session she was able to heal and clear some stubborn blocks and give me enlightening information about my soul destiny, by visiting the Akashic records to dig out the relevant information.

If you are seeking guidance or deeper insights into your soul path then follow your inspiration to work with her on a deeper level. I am still experiencing the afterglow of all the cleansing that took place. I can honestly say I feel quite magnificent as a result of it.”

kwali kumara - spiritual teacher

As a Spirited Soulopreneur, BONUSES you will also get:

1:1 coaching Sessions

2 x follow up coaching sessions up to 30 mins each for the following month after your retreat day. Use these sessions to stay on track with your actions and feel supported as your move forward.



PEP Talk

Using Voxer (a free app) allows you to directly contact me, in a private channel, to share ideas, ask questions and seek advice. Connect when you need support without having to wait for your next session. Available daily 10-5pm Mon-Thurs.

VALUED AT: £1,600


Your strategy & Plan

A Strategy & Plan based on a process that strengthens your understanding of your gifts whilst you recognise ways to mitigate potential challenges. It will provide focus on your chosen business area and options that align to your goals.



Are you the

next Spirited Soulopreneur

I get to help build

their business & wealth?

Let’s find out easy to book in for your free 15 min chat to see if this is a good fit for you and your business.

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Step 1 - Clarity & Clearing


step 2 - Ground & Solve


Step 3 - Balance & Connect

Step 3 - Balance & Connect Value £300

BONUS - Follow up 1:1 Support


BONUS - Strategy & Plan

BONUS - Strategy & Plan VALUE £300

Value £400

Value £600

Value £300

Value £2200

Value £300

Total Value = £3800

Regular Price = £2000

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Your Soul Gifts + Smart Strategy =

The spirited soulopreneur

Want to see & hear from some of our clients?

About the Spirited Soulopreneur:

Many gifted Soulopreneurs get caught between a rock and a hard place when seeking support to build their business...

  • You solely depend on your intuitive insights without realising your feelings cloud your implementation esp. when it’s your emotional, mental or financial security at stake!
  • Then when you seek help, find you're dealing with well meaning 'muggles' who claim to be spiritually aware but use demeaning phrases like 'woo-woo' when they refer to your work.

The Spirited Soulopreneur is a way you can navigate your way out of this trap and make progress building your business.

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